The harder I tried,

The more he lied.

‘I love you’

‘I love you too’

I see the pain in his eyes,

He tries.

The love drains

My heart pains

For him I stay,

He goes away.

Failing a Test…

I stared at the whiteboard in utter and complete bordum as the teacher droned on about multiplying exponents properly, something I found easy, apparently others did not. Behind me my best friend talked quietly with one of our best friends, as usual. Suddenly he turned around and faced her and I and shouted to us, “you two girls, stop talking and pay attention! You both failed the test so you need to know this!” She turned around as I wondered if he really was making eye contact with me or not.

Upon neither of us responding to him, he answered my question by shouting our names and asking us if we were listening. My best friend scoffed just the way I had expected. He knew we had called his bluff and laughed, breaking the intense silence that held over the slightly worried classroom. “You guys know I’m messing with you don’t you? Nah you both got A’s.” He chuckeled in defeat as my best friend showed off her greater sarcasm levels.

“Yeah it’s kinda obvious since in the beginning of the year I got answers right and you said they were wrong so.” She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair to prove how unimpressed she was.

I considered just a week before, when I did have to pay attention to know what the hell was going on, “I drew a butterfly once, and you said it was right.” I said putting emphasis on ‘butterfly’ and ‘right’ to prove just how ridiculous it was. The class agreed with me and had a communal laughter. Once again the dream-team had made Algebra just that much more fun.  Continue reading Failing a Test…


  • I’m so incredibly tired today, and I don’t even know why. Just a regular old school day with hanging out with a friend after school then I texted another one to make sure they were okay (they looked pretty upset today and didn’t wanna talk about it, turns out they’re just sick). For some reason after that I litterly slept for almost five hours. Now it’s almost 11 o’clock at night – which is when I usually go to sleep – and I’m finally starting to feel completely awake. I swear my body just hates me and likes watching me suffer. I’ll probably just make sure my homework is actually done and that wasn’t just a dream, and then check if any of my friend’s body’s hate them too. Not likely since i was practically shamed by one of them today for texting them at nine last night to see if he was still awake. Long story short he wasn’t. I changed that. I have no regrets.

Continue reading Tired

Hello Again World, Nope You Can’t Get Rid Of Me That Easy.

First off, yes, I do realize there’s practically no one that actually reads my teenage blog. Second, yes, it has been almost exactly two years since I’ve posted anything. That’s okay though cause I’m lazy and I forgot. Also I forgot my log in information… But thanks to the help of not one but two amazing teachers (who am I kidding it was just one of them, her husband just told me to email her too like I already had) I have regained log-in information!

A few things that’ve changed about little ol’ Sophie: single pringle as of the end of seventh grade – broke my heart, would’ve gone back to him in an instant. I did. He broke it again. Because I didn’t love myself enough. Quite recently it happened in fact – hardly two weeks ago I’d say. Eh, who wants to be in a relationship where you have to be perfect? That’s right, no one so he can suck it. Oh yeah, another thing, I have a lot of dirty humor now, I try to be a good little noodle, but sometimes it just kinda comes out. … See what I mean? I sure hope not. I’ll try my hardest to use purely sarcasm I promise, because sarcasm is the humor that never grows old.

I’ve moved twice since then, but no one really knew where I lived in the first place so that doesn’t matter. I’ve also grown extremely fond of acting, that’s something I’ll mention every now and then; just pretend to be exited for me, okay? I’m also in this thing called QuizBowl which is where a few crazy stories for the future happen, don’t worry they’ll come. I’ve gotten a whole bunch of new nail polish, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon though, they are pretty amazing. Especially the one that saved my life a few times. That ones my favorite. I actually first started talking to her while I was writing these a few years back – so thanks geeky blog posts.

Yeah I’ve also owned up to my geekyness and weirdness these days, I think it shines through a whole lot more. That makes my life pretty interesting. I’ll type up a couple things I’ve written randomly about my problems and give you no context as usual, but I’ll have some funny storys too don’t you worry. I’m not gonna say I’ll post every day, since I don’t really know if I ever will after this, but this is one step closer to being one of thoes cool people with blogs right? Yeah I’m a geek… Oh well my Colorgaurd team loves me. A couple guys like me too, not completely sure why at this point, but I’d deffinetly pass a few of them if I could spare their feelings.

Well, I suppose this is adieu for now, I hope to see you again soon.

Movies and Teeth

When my fifteen year old Aunt Jen comes over, everyone spends money on us kids. Plus, we all love Jen, so it’s a perfect combo! This time, she stayed over for three days. Today was the second day she would stay over, and following pattern, we had a ton of fun. First, we saw the new movie Home about aliens that are running away from other aliens so they come to earth and basically take over the planet. I’ll admit, I cried… Three times… But as I always say, a movie isn’t a good movie unless it makes you laugh and cry within 20 minutes! After the movie, we went to my all time favorite sushi restaurant, Ukai. As always, we ate sushi and made fun of my mom when she freaked out about it being fish. The thing I loved most of the whole day though, happened right after my mom went out to the car to get her phone. I was talking with Jen and Maddy as Quincy started laughing and tapped my shoulder, eager to get all of our attention. In the palm of her hand she held one of her last baby teeth. Having fallen out when she took a small bite of the sushi. Thankfully, there was no blood. but there was five dollars to soon be under her pillow.

A Sleepy Easter…

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE- twack! I had already hit the snooze button twelve times, and I didn’t care. I might get up eventually; just not right now. I had stayed up until after 4a.m. Just so that my little sister, Quincy wouldn’t run downstairs to try and catch the Easter Bunny like she does every year. And then every year I’m the one that gets stuck with having to make her not. I’m seriously surprised they didn’t just tell me E.B. wasn’t real when I was 5 so that once she was out of her crib, I would watch her. If they had my older sister Maddy on the case, she would just yell at her until she got dehydrated from crying, so she would fall asleep! I’m glad they gave me the job instead.

The Great Egg Hunt

I leaned over the fence preparing my little sister for the run of her life.

“Run all the way to the back, most kids will be upfront and getting the ones up here so you’ll be open. Keep low so you can grab an egg or two while you run. Take off your gloves for a better grip of the egg. If another kid trys to get your egg, Push them down.” I barked to her for the tenth time. This was my first year of Easter being an official Teenager, so I can’t be in the egg hunt anymore. It’s ridiculous I know. So that also means this is my apprentice’s first egg hunt on her own. We take these things very seriously. We practically put hours into our plans. One year, at my Aunts, when there were four big prizes for all the kids. Me and Quincy won three of them. We were dissapinted; we thought we’d get all four.

A Good Friday Service That’s Not Very Good…

I sat in the dimly lit church church hall, and stared down at my plate. Identical to everyone elses, it had nearly nothing on it. There was more empty space on the plate than food, and in my book thats not ok. after sleeping most of the day away I already hadn’t eaten much; so I was starving. As one of the well-known church members groaned on, reading from the pamphlet she had given everyone else to follow along, I stared at the flat cracker that laid on my napkin. Even a tiny piece of bread seemed to tease my growling stomach. as she instructed us to pick up the single leaf of lettuce, I prepared to devour it whole. I don’t even like lettuce! I think I’ve learned a life lesson;  always eat us much food as possible, you’ll be hungry in again five minutes anyways.

The Phantom of the Opera

Seeing a production at the Wharton center is always awesome. Seeing one about an Opera killer that falls in love is even better. What could possibly make that better you ask? Sitting third row? Check. Going to see it with your Best Friend since third grade and looking awesome? Double check. And getting pieces of the shattering chandelier stuck to your hair and feel it hitting your legs and seat? Yep. Thats amazing. But one of the absolute best things about my last day of school is just that. I skipped five out of six of my hours. only going at all to see a movie we had to see for part of our lesson in my first hour. But after that, I got picked up and headed out to see one of the best productions Broadway can pull off.

The Furnral is Friday…

So today, as my mother drove me home from school, I saw a small orange flash dart out of a pair of bushes into the road in front of us. After feeling the big bump of the car running over something, I proceeded to scream at my mother to stop the car. A few moments later, she was yelling at me not to yell when she’s driving and pulling over the car. Ignoring her, I jumped out of my door and ran to the back to find a small cat, dead behind it. I’ll spare you the details. Beginning to cry, I was soon joined with my mom as she sadly gazed at the cat, trying to be strong for me. After a few minutes of silence and three cars driving around us, my mom called my dad to come pick up the cat. His/Her’s funeral is this Friday. Also, April Fools…