SOLSC 18/31

Tap tap. Tap tap. My feet say as they move down the side walk, getting closer and closer to home. The wind blows, flipping my hair and freezing my ears. It sends left-over leaves across the sidewalk and they jump over my feet without hesitation. Like a squirrel, running across a vacant road. The heat from the sun warms the backs of my legs and my back pack. I take in a big breath of air, it smells of cinnamon and pie, then freshly cut grass and newly planted dirt, along with winter faded flowers. My stomach groans. I suppose I should have had a larger lunch. I begin to plan what I’ll have after I finally get home, when another huge gust of wind blows my hair into a flurry. Sticking strands of it to my fresh coat of Eos chap stick. A dog barks in the distance, newly aware of my presence near their home. I glance back in their direction as I pull my hair back and over my shoulder. And I walk on, tap tap. Tap tap. Tap tap…

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